Allen & Associates is a financial services communications consultancy, with a focus on alternative and asset management strategies.

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Established by Craig Allen after 20-plus years leading communications functions for global financial services firms, Allen & Associates brings fresh views, guided by tangible market insights, and strategic thinking to communications and marketing, helping companies meaningfully communicate complex investment offerings and strategies to key stakeholders, the press and market participants.  We look at your business from the inside out, mining tangible and intangible information that we can use to position your business more effectively with key stakeholder audiences.

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Strategic Communications

Communications is more than just a website, a presentation, a decent offering, and a press release. You need to effectively communicate what your brand stands for all your stakeholders. To market effectively, you need to get under the skin of your clients and investors, and really understand what drives them, where their interest lies and what they want to see. Everything you say and do must ladder back up to your corporate narrative and resonate with your target audiences.

Branding & Positioning Analysis

With years of experience, our staff has the capabilities and expertise to take your business to the next level. At Allen & Associates, we combine our insights and research skills to transform your branding and communication strategy, and in turn, your company. We are here to help shape and improve how you structure and manage your business, especially through times of crisis and shifting geo-political changes.